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SOS Hair Extension Removal Kit


Try our new SOS Tape Hair Extensions Removal Kit.

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Remove your hair simply and easily at home with our SOS Hair Tape Removal Kit

Our complete pack is perfect for newbies or seasoned pros alike.

The kit contains:

  • Sectioning Clips – Clip up and section your hair to make the process neater and cleaner.
  • Hair Tape Remover Spray 100ml – spray this directly onto the seam of each tape – use your pintail comb included to wiggle the seam open and spray more tape into the seam. Gently peel apart.
  • Clarifying Shampoo 100ml – once all tapes are removed shampoo your hair twice with this remover to remove any sticky residue.
  • Hair Treatment 100ml – once you have rinsed your final shampoo out, leave a generous amount of this on for 10 minutes to restore moisture into your hair.
  • Pin Tail Comb to section your hair neatly in rows.
  • Re Tape Tabs – incase one slips out please use these to refit –  you will need to wash the hair extension that has slipped and remove all tape residue. Peel each tape tab off and retape.

Please note The Glamour Garage will not accept any responsibility for damage caused when removing tapes at home yourself. Please allow ample amount of time for the process. Do not rush. Use ample amounts of the remover spray – the more you use the easier it is!

Then wash all your extensions, straighten and store in a damp free environment ready for refitting at a later date.


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