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Areola  (Nipple) Tattooing helps thousands of people who want to disguise even symmetry, scars or reconstruct a new nipple post mastectomy. 

Available in our Worcester Park and Reigate salons – our Artists can help you to build more confidence in an area of your body. During a private consultation we will discuss your needs and the look you want to achieve.

Scar coverage – Scars from operations such as breast uplift or reduction can be evened out with small tweaks with tattooing. No tattooing can make scars invisible however they can greatly be reduced and disguised.

Uneven symmetry – Nipples can be corrected to look more equal – To achieve this we often create a larger area to match the other. Its very rare we can reduce the sizing as our flesh colour pigment does give coverage but will never cover completely.

Uneven colour pigmentation – Some clients have pigment which has faded with age. To replace faded pigment we can go over with a colour wash to refresh the look and bring back life to the nipple area.

Post Mastectomy – Clients who have been through surgery can have Nipples tattooed back on,  this is acheived by shading areas and lightening others. This look is very realistic and is shaded to be as close to 3D as possible.  

All of our semi permanent makeup requires 2 sessions to complete. This seals in the pigment for as long as possible.



Pricing for this service is very consultative – we only offer fixed fee pricing to be clear and simple.

One Nipple – £225

Two Nipples – £325

Colour boost top-ups –  £99 per hour