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Smooth, flawless and golden skin…achieved without the streaky and smelly bottle application!

We offer a premium spray tanning experience. Making you look and feel confident.

Using the Sunless Solutions equipment (as seen and used on The Only Way is Essex – in Amy Childs Salon). Sunless Solutions products use the latest HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) equipment for a quick and efficient spray tan. All solutions are Paraben free and blended with DHA and Erythrulose which eliminates the orange tone associated with some tanners and create a streak free, deep uniform tan with a lasting effect.

The process is quick, painless and offers outstanding results. In less than 15 minutes you can be bronzed.

We have a little spray tan room which is fully heated and private for your tanning experience!

We also offer competition spray tanning services – for dance shows and also for bodybuilding shows.



We use a variety of spray tans:

Sienna X – £25

Suntana – £25

Brown Bitz – £25

Dance Tan – £25

Body Building Tan – £60


Prep Before the Appointment: 

Please shave or exfoliate skin 24 hours before.

Please wear loose dark clothing and remove all jewellery.

Please do not use moisturizer on the day as this will stop the spray tan from absorbing.

Please note that any deodorant residue will cause the spray tan to turn ‘green’ in that area, so please baby wipe this off before the appointment.

After the Appointment: 

Do not wash off the tan for 8 hours as this will remove the DHA and your tan will not set.