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Our Signature Brow – our recommended treatment! Microblading combined with shading. 

Blade & Shade Semi Permanent Brows are created using 2 methods of tattooing – both Microblading and the machine method of tattooing – first the overall brow is Microbladed (to create hair strokes) then the machine is used to define shading to the tail and under arch area.

This tattooing is more defined and prominent than Microblading alone – this is more of a makeup replacement look.

We have designed 1000’d of brows – your in safe hands. When we design the brow – we take into consideration your need, current brow shape and colour requirements. You to approve the design before we tattoo – there is no shock surprises! Your area is pre-numbed and the total time for the  treatment is 1.5 hours.

We continuously numb your brows during the process. The pain level is more of a scratch than anything else.

After 4 weeks of healing you come back for a Top Up appointment – this allows us to fill in any gaps or patches in the brow and seal in the pigment. Top Ups with shading are £125. Top Ups with Microblading alone are £99.



Blade & Shade Semi Permanent Brows £245


You will be given aftercare during both appointments and advised to purchased our Glamour Garage Aftercare Oil to treat and soothe the area post treatment.

Colour of the brows will fade approximately 25-50% of the origami,

We have 3 Brow Artists based over 3 salons. We have completed 1000’s of brows. There is a huge choice of colours to choose from. Pop in for a free consultation.