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Mink Individual Lashes

Light, fine lashes for a wispy and fluttery look. Faux Mink lashes – no animals harmed with these lashes!

Russian Volume Lashes

Max Up the Volume – Reduce the Weight – super light and fluffy. Glamour look without damage or heavy feeling.

Cashmere Individual Lashes

Super soft – up to 70% lighter than Mink! Or best selling lash service. As natural or heavy look as you like.

Silk Individual Lashes

Silky soft lashes, smooth and fine. Best for weddings or special occasions. A light lash look.

Billion Dollar Brows

Transform misshapen brows – all hair removal and tinting combined to make the ultimate signature brow.

LVL Enhance

Wide Eyed and Awake – no fuss or infills needed. Pamper your lashes without extensions.

Thread & Tint

Brows on Fleek. Boost your brow power. A little hair removal and some tinting can transform your face.

Makeup & Styling

Polished and Pampered for £35 – we throw in some Free lashes too! Huge MAC Makeup Studio.

Ear Piercing

Reduce the pain in your wallet (sorry ear!) and get a new piercing for only £25! Includes free Caflon studs.

Hybrid Lashes

The newest lash look – mix some Russian fluffiness with Cashmere softness and we have Hybrids.

Spray Tanning 

Golden spray tanning – light in texture, great smell and long lasting.