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Microblading is the art of carefully and gently impregnanting pigment into skin with the art of tattooing.

Microblading has increased in popularity in recent years – with many people with fine or sparse eyebrows opting for this procedure. Its one of our most popular treatments and we have three Artists who perform microblading full time.

Microblading has many benefits for a client, it allows customers to have more defined brows without the use of pencil or brow powders. Brows can be changed to create higher arches, longer ‘tails’ or just to pad out sparse areas. The result is very, very light and natural. Often clients can still add powder or more pencils to brows (on a night out) for a more defined look.

Many people find Microblading less painful than traditional machine semi permanent makeup solutions – with the results lasting up to 18 months.

There is no shocks with colour or shape! We choose (with guidence) the colours together, you will also get the see the outline shape of the brow before the microblading starts. It’s a fantastic way to define brows.

We offer Microblading as the most natural solution for hair replacement. If you are looking for a ‘fuller’ look we offer a service called Blade n Shade. A combination of both microblading and semi permanent tattooing.


The Procedure:

You will be required to come in for a consultation, patch test and a medical questionnaire in which you will be accesed for suitabilty for the treatment.

  • You will be firstly given Emla numbing cream which will be applied to your brow area to numb the area. This cream will soak in for 30 mins.
  • Your brow area will then be cleansed and a new brow shape drawn onto your brows using a brow pencil. This allows you to be able to see the outline and shape (and agree treatment) prior to the session.
  • You will be laying comfortable on a beauty bed with head on a head rest whilst the Microblading Artist gently blades on new hairlike strokes onto your brow.
  • After the treatment you will be given a Post Treatment Form with aftercare.
  • 1 month after the initial appointment you will return for a “top up’ session. This session will set the pigment into the brow area -so this is very important you attend to ensure the tattoo stays into the skin for a required period of time, to get maximum results.  Top Ups are £99.
  • During the 4 weeks you can pencil in any gaps or faded areas with your existing brow pencil. During your top up we will go over the brows to seal in the pigment for 18 months.
  • If you do not return for your top up most lines will disappear within 3 months.



60% of the final result of your brow microblading will be determined in the aftercare. So aftercare must be followed EXACTLY to give crisp, clear results.

Day of Treatment – go home and gentlly wash brows with water and pat dry with clean cotton wool.

Days 2- 10 – Do not wash the area, do not get the area wet for long periods of time or any cosmetics on the area. Do not rub, scratch or touch the area. Apply Bepanthen or Tattoo Oil cream 3-4 times a day to soften the scabs. Do NOT pick the scabs as this will remove the pigment. Do not use sunbeds during this time. The brows will heal with patches , this is NORMAL. As the scabbing comes off the brow it will appear as if your brow has ”disappeared” – this is the superficial layer of skin taking pigment with it. Then pigment in the lower layers of the skin will slowly rise to the surface and become your top layer in weeks 3-4.



  • 18 years minimum age requirement
  • If you suffer from certain medical conditions such as diabetes you will not a suitable for treatment
  • Post Chemotherapy patients must wait a minimum of 6 months post treatment