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Mesh Hair Integration System – non surgical hair replacement using toppers and panels of hair built to the scalp using a mesh. Ideal for clients with up to 80% hair loss. 


For clients who have received chemotherapy treatment, or are suffering alopecia, we can provide a non surgical hair replacement system to suit your individual needs.

Our Lace Mesh Volumising System, is used for clients with up to 80% hair loss.

The system involves custom building a hypoallergenic mesh for the scalp, to which our signature Russian hair extensions are added to. Allowing you to wash, dry and maintain as if it were your own hair.

Our system comes in a variety of packages, from an individual Lace Topper, to a full head integration system.

We have no hidden charges, no added fees – only fantastic Russian hair, created into a bespoke solution for you.

How Does it Work?

A lace mesh system involves building a mesh base onto the scalp in the are that needs hair replacement. Either a half or full head. The mesh is attached to the scalp by us pulling some of your natural hair through the mesh holes and securing in place with tiny rings. This holds the mesh onto the scalp. We then sew panels of hair onto the mesh from nape of the next to the top of the head. At the top of the head we sew a ”topper’ piece which halos over the panels underneath.


Can we Refit Other Salons Systems?

Yes we can – we can either swap your existing bonded mesh system into rings or continue with your bonded attachment. We can also swap panels or toppers out for you.


Why are we Cheaper Than the London Leading Hair Replacement Specialist?

We currently wholesale and distribute hair to other salons in the UK. Our existing manufacturers keep quality high and costs lower. We love helping clients get their confidence back. We refuse to charge prices which would mean only a few could afford a system. Hair loss is also a very personal issue to Traci (the owner) she has thinning hair which is a constant battle. Finding new ways to improve the appearance of fine hair is something we pass onto our clients.


Will my Own Hair Grow with a System? 

Yes – the mesh is hypoallergenic and your own hair will grow underneath the system.



Custom built mesh system, Russian Remy hair.

Full Head System £1250

Full Head Refitting  £150

Full Head Removal £50


Half Head System £795

Half Head Repositioning £75

Half head Removal  £35



Our team are friendly, understanding and flexible. Call us for a chat for more information.