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Henna Brows

Henna Brows by The Glamour Garage

Henna Brows are a long-lasting, pain-free solution to thicker and fuller eyebrows. The process takes up to 1 hour to complete.

Example 3 of henna Brows

Stylists will guide you…

Our stylists will talk you through the type of brow you are looking to achieve. They will then map your brows using a series of calculations to make sure both are even, the same shape and work with your current facial shape.

Henna Brow colour…

The Henna itself comes in a range of colours – it does not fade to an orange, which is a frequent question asked by customers! The Henna is brown based. The Henna will stay on the hair for up to 7 weeks and on the skin 2-3 weeks which makes it a popular choice for those going on holiday.

Try a new shape…

Henna Brows are a great stepping stone to trying a new shape before committing to Microblading or Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments.

Henna Brows costs £30.00