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Hair loss can happen for many reasons – no matter which reason it can be traumatic and  upsetting. Leaving clients unsure where to turn.

We have a private clinic available in Worcester Park, Surrey. Which allows us to have closed consultations with clients to discuss any options they have. We have a huge range of services from scalp tattooing to toppers to choose from.

Our salon is themed, friendly, and not the traditional ‘wig shop’ atmosphere. Our clients span from young adults to senior citizens.

At your (free) consultation we will discuss your reasons for hair loss or thinning. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

Androgenetic Alopecia: The most common type of alopecia – both men and women are born with hormone sensitivity to a hormone called DHT. This causes cells and follicles to shrink to become finer and thinning hair.

Involutional Alopecia: This type of hair loss is age related – as we age our hairs become shorter, finer and thinner.

Traction Alopecia: Often the damage from too tight ponytails or braided weaves. This is from tension or pulling over a long period of time.

Alopecia Areata: Often one or more round patches of hair loss, caused by the immune system attacking the hair follicles. This can be genetic and can occur on the face, body and head.

Alopecia Totalis: This is the most severe alopecia which results in total hair loss on the scalp.

Scalp Folliculitis: A bacterial infection is often the cause of this type of hair loss. Blocked follicles become red and inflamed and often look ‘spotty’ or ‘bumpy’.