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Powder and Ombre Brows – A fuller more defined brow look – going lasting results up to 2 years!

Semi Permanent Makeup – also known as Micropigmentation – is a long lasting solution for makeup application. Hugely popular, we can add colour or definition to eyebrows, lips and eyes.

There are many types of brow tattooing to choose from – Ombre and Powder are a heavier and more defined look than some of the other options. This type of tattooing is performed with a machine (an adapted tattoo machine). The needle goes deeper into the dermis skin layer than Microblading so produces a heavier, longer lasting result.

Ombre Brow – is a shaded in brow- however the start of the brow is only lightly shaded giving an ombre effect. This effect is sightly heavier than microblading – a more makeup replacement look.

Powder Brow – is a fully shaded brow – this is the heaviest brow – but don’t be put off by it – it heals softly and looks fantastic for those who wear foundation every day. This is the best brow for clients who wear foundation and makeup every day.

Both these brows are created with a semi permanent makeup machine. The machine has a needle which allows for shading, its thicker than a mciroblade so therefore a heavier look but allows for shading and is longer lasting. This is no more painful than microblading. The numbing creams we use are very powerful and this feels no more than a scratch.


The Process – 

Clients will go through an indepth consultation in which a medical questionnaire will be gone through to assess suitability for the procedure. In the consultation your expectations, post treatment aftercare and healing will be discussed. To then book the treatment a deposit will be taken.

After your initial procedure you will require a ‘top up’ control procedure after 4 weeks after the initial treatment.



Ombre Brow  £245

Powder Brow £245



Alcohol, asprin and ibuprofen must not be taken 48 hours before the procedure.

Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor.

We cannot allow any family or friends to watch the procedure – however they may come to wait in the waiting area of the salon.

For eyebrows – waxing should be done no less than 24 hours before or Electrolysis no less than 5 days.



Avoid sun or UV rays. Please use sunblock and avoid sunbeds.

If having an MRI procedure please inform your doctor that you have had semi permanent makeup.

You will not be able to give blood for 6 months post procedure.

You will need to return for a top up after 4 weeks.