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Maximise your Pout – define the border for a wash proof permanent makeup look. 


Semi Permanent Makeup – also known as Micropigmentation – is a long lasting solution for makeup application. Hugely popular, we can add colour or definition to eyebrows, lips and eyes.

Semi Permanent Makeup allows clients to wake up looking refreshed and at their best. On holidays there is no need to worry about ‘sweating your eyeliner or eyebrows off’! It helps clients cover up scars in brows, add fullness to lips or simply save time in the morning.

By choosing to have your semi permanent makeup with us, you can be at ease knowing that as makeup trends alter, we at the the forefront of adding this to our semi permanent makeup. Brow shapes, eyeliner flicks or ombre lip definition.



Lip Liner £195

Our lip liner will define your lips and help even out a miss-shapen pout. We choose the colour together as part of the consultation, draw on a guideline and work to give you a 2-3 mm lip line around the lips. This is great for lipstick lovers.


Lip Liner & Blush Combo  £245

If your looking for a really natural result which allows you to create a fuller volume lip try the lip liner and blush. We choose a colour which is lines around the lip, then slowly shaded and ‘blushed’ into the lip.


After your initial procedure you will require a ‘top up’ control procedure after 4 weeks after the initial treatment. This is your ‘top up’ the charge of your top up is £99.