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Russian Volume Super Light and Fluffy Lashes – Huge Volume without the weight! The ultimate lux lash service.


Russian Volume 3D / 4D / 5D / 6D lash extensions create a lightweight and ‘feathery’ look, they are amazing for weddings or for holidays.

The lashes are extreamly lightweight, around 1/4th of the width of a standard semi permanent lash, allowing for more lashes to be used without adding any extra weight.

Russian Volume lashes are a skill to apply, the technique takes up to 3 hours to apply for a full set and 1.5 hours for an infill.

We are often asked how Russian lashes differ from traditional Individual Eyelash extensions and the answer is that they are much lighter, almost weightless. As they are so fine in texture the regrowth is often a better experience too as they evenly fall out, looking less ‘patchy’.

They are a favourite for special occasions, for brides and for holidays. A fantastic treat.



Full set Russian Volume lashes  £99

Infill: £55

Express Russian Lashes £60  (please note these cannot be infilled)