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Terms and Conditions

General Terms –

All appointments require booking deposits. Deposits are non refundable if need to be cancelled or exchanged in less than 72 hours.

No appointment is secure without a deposit.

Please note if you are more than 20mins late for an appointment we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment and take another booking deposit.

Hair extension deposits are non refundable under any circumstances due to ordering hair for clients. This includes Acts of Gods i.e SNOW where clients cannot make it to the salon.

All clients will be required to fill in consultation forms – with the terms of each service.

Beauty Clients –

  • Any issues should be made aware at time of the appointment (or service) as will be chargeable thereafter.
  • Any maintainence or re-fills / infills will be chargable.
  • We cannot guarantee length of time lashes or tattooing will last due to the nature of the service.


Hair Extension Clients –

  • Hair must be maintained regulary at correct appointments.
  • We will NOT be held accountable for MATTING as this is due to client care.
  • We cannot rectify any issues if a client goes to another hair extensions for removal or refitting or colour service.
  • All hair types have a 10% variation in thickness and length due to natural variation.
  • Deposits taken for hair extensions (or product or services) are non refundable in any circumstance.
  • Refunds on hair fitting or hair extensions services are not available unless hair is faulty. If hair is thought to be faulty it will be removed and sent to the manufacturer for TESTING. Their results/ decision remain final. Refitting will then be chargeable to the client.
  • Fitting issues must be identified immediately at the fitting date.
  • Hair quality issues must be identified within 2 weeks of the fitting date.
  • Hair extension fitting and hair  colour are both non refundable in any circumstances – paying for your fitting will confirm you are happy with your standard of fitting and abide you to these terms.
  • Hair extension users must use hair extension shampoos and conditioners we speciify – otherwise this will shorten the life of the hair. We will not accept liabilty for this.
  • Colouring, perming, cutting may alter the life span of the hair – we cannot accept any liabilty for this unless carried out by us.
  • All additional hair work, movement, replacement, removal of strands will be chargable after the fitting appointment.
  • Any issues will be rectified at the discretion of our team.
  • Hair extensions are 100% human hair and colour will FADE of the extensions over time, due to the hair being REAL. This will require colour maintance at a cost to the client.