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Smooth out fine lines and plum lips to the max with our range of fillers from our 2 in-house GP’s. 

Filler can be used to plump and smooth many areas of the face, hands and neck area.

Our team are highly skilled, experienced and can prescribe. All our staff use our practitioners – we are advocates of the treatments they perform. Feel free to ask us any questions and ask for pictures!


Our Team: 

Dr Nathan – is a cosmetic artist who creates bespoke facial analysis on each face and gives a recommendation on filler needed in a particular area.

Dr Kennedy – is a GP who specialises in softer looks and facial rejuvenation – helping clients take years off their look!

Please note the Aesthetics services are only located in the Worcester Park Clinic.



FILLERS (BeloteroRestylaneJuvederm)

LIPS 1ml -£300

CHEEK 1ml -£350

JAW 1ml -£350

NOSE 1ml -£350