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Micro Bond Fusion Hair Extensions – 0.5g tiny bonds with almost invisible attachment. Volumising hair extension solution for fine hair. 


These almost invisible micro bonds are the perfect option for giving volume to hair in finer areas. Hair is carefully matched and sourced to mimic the texture and colour of your hair.

Hair is then bonded in sections to you natural hair. These bonds have a strong hold but are easily removed by our artists. Causing no damage to the natural hair.

Our Micro Bonds have a hold of up to 3 months in hair, however are they are often used in FRINGES, or to cover thinning CROWN or TEMPLE areas, clients often come back sooner, every 6-8 weeks to have to removed and replaced with ones closer to the scalp as they have grown out.

We sell Micro Bonds in packs of 25 strands – these strands are very fine in gram weight so are not suitable for adding length to hair, only volume. If a client is looking to add length other options are available, such as Mini Tips, Tape or Fusion hair extensions.


Pack of 25 strands £65