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Get The Glamour Factor!

Before the installation of your hair extensions please ensure you purchase The Glamour Garage Clarifying Shampoo – this will remove all product build up and residue ready for the safe application of your extensions.

After the installation of your hair please refrain from washing for 2-3 days. This is essential for Tape and Fusion application methods.

When washing hair do not lean over a bath or sink, stand up when washing the extensions otherwise there will be too much tension on the attachments.

Use a hair extension brush to brush your hair, hold at the nape of the neck when brushing the ends.

Never go to bed with hair wet – be wary on holidays as the heat can melt the bonds and sleeping on a sun lounger with damp hair is a recipe for disaster.

Run your fingers through your hair regularly to separate the bonds.

For a few days post installation your head may feel tight or sore, a few people also experience itchy scalp – this is normal.

You may lose bonds over the time period between your fitting and your maintenance – this is NORMAL. However if you lose any strands we are always happy to refit for you and identify a solution.

Lighter shades of hair have a shorter lifespan than darker colours – this is due to the bleaching process to match the hair to your colour. Please use a deep conditioner once a week to maintain softness.

We do not advise colouring the extensions as this will shorten the lifespan.

We cannot guarantee the lifespan of hair extensions if they have been chemically altered or dyed in any salon apart from The Glamour Garage.

You will need to come maintenance for your extensions – no extension should be left in longer than 3 months.

If you experience matting or tangling of your extensions you must come back for maintenance – for bonds to be removed, hair combed through and then a refit.

Hair extensions need to be protected from Heat and Sodium Sulphates in shampoo – these two things weaken bonds causing slippage. If you have not purchased a non sodium sulphate shampoo at time of fitting we may charge for re-fitting strands that have come lose due to bond breakdown.

Recommended Products:

We recommend Russian Elite Shampoo and Conditioner to prolong the life of your hair. We cannot guarantee the lifespan of your hair if this is not purchased at time of fitting.

Russian Elite Shampoo – £9.99

Russian Elite Conditioner – £9.99

Russian Elite Heat Protector – £9.99

Still have a question?  Give us a ring and one of our glamour experts will be happy to help.