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Eyelash Extensions

Long Lasting – Individually Hand Placed – Tailored to Suit your Face Shape – Infills Needed Every 2-3 Weeks. 

The most popular and longest lasting set of lashes are the semi permanent individual eyelash extensions – a full set.

This luxury treatment offers no damage to existing lashes and gives you full bodied, amazing length. We offer only the best quality lashes and adhesive, which means great lashes – for longer.

All brands are individual semi permanent lashes which are applied lash on lash. We offer all types as clients are often brand loyal – Mink lashes are slightly thicker lashes, Silk lashes are silky  lashes, and Cashmere lashes are 70% lighter than Mink lashes – providing a luxury experience.

During your consultation one of our Lash Techs will discuss what look you want to achieve and go through the options with you. The fantastic thing about semi permanent lashes is that you can achieve the exact look you want, from natural to full on glamour!

The lashes will last 3 – 4 weeks and if you want to continue the look then infill’s are available and can typically be inserted from 2 -3 weeks.