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LA Weave

Our stylists are officially LA Weave Trained. Making us an Authorised salon.

The newest method taking over celebrities by storm is the micro ring weave – also known as the LA Weave. Its a super fast and easy way to add volume to normal to thick hair. Our glamour model clients LOVE this method. It adds HUGE volume – FAST. Martine McCutcheon is one of our LA Weave clients.

What is an LA Weave (or Micro Ring Sew in Weft)?

We section your hair and simply clamp a row of micro rings to your hair. Then sew a weft of hair to those micro rings. (The row of rings replaces the need for horrible braids which pull or tug on your hair.)

The L.A Weave is applied an under one hour and we cut and blend it in for free.

The LA Weave gives lots of volume to the root and stays in the hair to be repositioned every 6 weeks.


Advantages of an LA Weave:

  • Gives amazing volume from the root
  • A slightly cheaper method of hair extension choice
  • Never looks ‘strandy’ as the weft is one peice of hair
  • Easy to section and dry
  • Different colours can be layered together for amazing colour blends


Disadvantages of an LA Weave:

  • Slightly harder to disguise weft at sides of temples
  • Needs repositioning every 6 weeks (other methods last longer)


Who is an LA Weave Good For?

  • Those with ‘normal’ hair who require great volume, fast and a full bodied look.
  • Those who do not hair their hair in a high pony or ‘updo’ every day


We also offer an LA Weave and Mini Stick Tip hair combo – which is an LA weave full head with a pack of our tiny tip hair extensions at either side of the head. Allowing you to get the maximum volume from the weave, but still allowing you to put your hair up easily and hide the attachments at the side of your head. This is £325.


The LA Weave hair we use is either a Russian Elite Weft or Easilocks Easiweft – both are super thick 100% Human Russian Remy and the hair is hand tied to the weft so its small, neat and discreet.