When choosing hair extensions for the first time the choice becomes slightly more complicated when trying to cover hair styles shorter than shoulder length hair.

At Glamour Garage we are often asked to work on shorter hair – as many other salons struggle to create a flawless blend.

Whats the best type of hair extensions for short hair?

Depending on the thickness of the hair its usually hair tape or la weave combined with mini sticks.

Hair tape is great for fine hair – we can use this on hair which is longer than 1cm in length. Typically the shorter the natural hair the more hair extensions are needed to pack out the bulk of the hair – this means we may need to use a head and half or up to two heads worth of hair to make the hair look natural and thick enough.

If clients have a bob and wish to make the ends look thicker a good option often a few tapes or a pack or two of mini micro rings to be added to the sides to thicken the ends.