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Easilocks Hair Extensions Surrey, London
Easilocks hair extensions are available from The Glamour Garage!

We are proud to announce we are an official supplier and fitter for Easilocks hair extensions in Surrey.

Easilocks hair extensions offer celebrity elite hair with no glue, no heat and no sewing.  Worn by many celebrities including Jennifer Ellison, Amy Childs and Katie Price, Easilocks offer a premium service with fantastic results.

Available in up to 22 inches in length – Easilocks use double drawn Russian hair. This hair will last up to one year with good care. We recommend repositioning every 10-12 weeks during this time.

Easilocks have three methods of application: EasiTip, EasiTape or EasiWeft.

EasiTip are small stick tip extensions which are gently clamped into the hair in sections, the hair is repositioned every 3 months.

EasiTape are 8cm of hair which is held together with medical grade tape. The tape is very sturdy and holds for about 8 weeks before repositioning is needed.

EasiWefts are long wefts of hair which can we micro ringed in or applied using the LA Weave technique. The hair needs repositioning every 6 weeks.

All pricing below is for both the mini stick tip application or the EasiTape methods.

Easilocks Mini Tip Method – 6 packs are used for a full head

14 inch – £425

18 inch – £550

22 inch – £625

Easilocks Weft – with LA Weave application

20 inch weft – £350

EasiTape – 120g full head

18 inch – £550

Repositioning – £150

Removal – £50

Deposit for Fitting – £200