Blade & Shade – our signature brow at The Glamour Garage! People often ask what is the difference between Microblading, Powder Brows and Blade and Shade?

Blade and Shade is the semi permanent makeup look which sits between natural microblading (fine tiny hair strokes) and powder brows (fully shaded in).

First we pre numb the brows for 30 mins with Emla cream (this takes the edge off the treatment) – then we design a bespoke brow for you by using a measuring tool. This is then checked by us, by you and others in salon before we proceed.

Blade and Shade is then the art of drawing on fine lines with Microblading all over the entire brow – then going under the arch and the tail with the machine method. To shade and add some additional definition. Its heavier than a natural brow but but as heavy as fully pencilled in brows.

The brows will need to heal for 4 weeks – then you come back for a top up treatment. In which we fill in any gaps and seal in the pigment. The brows will then need topping up every 12 -18 months.